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Are We Right for You?

Do you want to take an active role in your estate planning?

We enjoy working with people who want to have meaningful discussions about the work we’re doing together. They’re involved in the process and “do their homework.” They believe that creativity, quality and personal service are more important than being the “lowest bidder.”

Are you looking for a long term relationship?

Our relationship does not end when you sign your estate planning documents. We will try to keep you aprised of changes in the law and will let you know when it may be time to review what we’ve done.

We take a multi generational approach to estate planning and have worked with some families for over thirty years. We’ve had the pleasure of being involved in transferring family businesses from parents to children and grandchildren.

Are you a business owner?

A substantial number of our clients started successful businesses.  Others are "second generation entrepreneurs" who inherited or bought interests in family businesses.

Do you want to help your children and grandchildren become useful, productive citizens?

Our clients worked for what they have. They want to pass their work ethic to their children and grandchildren. They are willing to provide for their descendants’ education and for their support, as long as they support themselves by suitable work, considering their ages, education and health. They do not want to create “trust fund babies.”

Character strengths

A substantial number of our clients have common personality traits. These include:

  • They want to be in charge of their own destiny.
  • They are willing to take reasonable risks.
  • They are self-reliant, motivated, independent minded, creative and adaptive.

Call us

If you think that our Trustlawyer approach is right for you, give us a call. We’d be happy to discuss your situation with you and answer any questions.